Securcube®BTS Tracker is a forensics hardware module to measure and verify the real BTS coverage, radio environment activity at the crime scene. The module provides the most reliable outlook of the digital crime scenario. It runs the simultaneous data gathering of every cellular providers, technologies, band, signal, frequencies, reselection parameters and much more, with a comprehensive overview of the results obtained to import directly into the dedicated BTS Tracker desktop software. Finally, the same data can be imported and correlated with other digital evidence thanks to Securcube®PhoneLog, CSA software.

Securcube®BTS Tracker hardware module


Analysis with Securcube®BTS Tracker Standalone version 

Securcube®BTS Tracker Standalone module works side by side with the investigators, it is easy to carry around with battery autonomy to perform for hours field tests. It has a mobile APP to set the scan parameters and have a first look at the result collected in real time (saving data with a first map positioning). The log files gathered during the field tests can be imported and analysed with BTS desktop software. The idea is to create a synergic cooperation between the field test (crime scene) and the onsite examination (office) for a better use and understanding of the telecommunication variables all around the facts, enriching the multiple evidence cross-analysis against anti-forensics.



  • Mobile APP control
  • Integrated GPS
  • Compatible with every cellular providers (carriers)
  • Accurate radio sensitivity
  • Cell site analysis geolocation
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE compatible
  • Same time technologies scan ‘TOTAL’
  • Single dedicated GSM scan ‘ACTIVE SET’ (serving and neighbours)
  • Weak signal identification (unknown entities i.e. FEMTO Cell)
  • Complete scan of bands; frequencies; signals
  • Easy to carry around, unobtrusively
  • High performance, battery autonomy



Try our free APP mobile!

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This free App mobile allows scanning the radio environment with your mobile device. The results obtained represents what your mobile detect. This is not the App for the use of BTS Tracker hardware module.



Analysis of cells coverage using  the dedicated sw desktop Securcube®BTS Tracker.

 Example of correlation between theoretical coverage and real coverage scanned with Securcube®BTS Tracker module.