CDR (Call Detail Record) are massive amount of data, hard to manage by hand. Securcube® Phone Log makes CDR analysis easy and straightforward.


PHONE LOG: CDR analysing tool

Securcube® Phone Log is a CDR (Call Detail Record) analysing tool created in 2010, following the practical suggestions of the Law Enforcements.

The purpose of the program is to help the International investigators analysing the massive amount of data coming from network operators and to correlate them with other sources, such as the information extracted from mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS and all those data that can be reported as a list of records (highway traffic logs, licence plates, money transfers etc..).

This tool supports the user through all the phases of the inquest, assisting those detectives who always had to scroll through billions of strings of data by hand. Securcube® Phone Log introduces some unique cutting edge features, appreciated all around the world, and is powered by the latest technologies available on the market.


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International Certification Program

Securcube offers a complete program of training courses, correlated by an official certificate: to ensure the validity of your findings in front of a court, having a document that guarantees that you can fully operate the software is vital.


CDR – Call Detail Records

CDR, that is Call Detail Records, are a list of data records produced by a communication transaction, commonly referred as telephone exchange. Telephone calls, text messages and data transactions are all recorded, stored and categorized with various attributes such a time, duration, cell tower, caller, destination number, type of telephone and completion status.

When investigating a crime, an investigator obtains, prior authorisation, this kind of records directly from network operators.


The investigators can ask for:

  • Users CDR (the list of records of a specific number, e.g. when the police has a suspect and want to find out more about his or her activities)
  • Cell Towers CDR (the list of records made under the coverage of a specific cell tower, e.g. when the police only knows where a certain crime was committed and wants to find out who made telephonic traffic nearby)
  • Subscribers CDR (a list with all the personal information that a user must provide in order to buy a SIM card, e.g. to associate a name and an address to a telephone number)


Data from other sources:

Mobile Extractions

Mobile extractions offer a detailed overview about the contents of a device.

These contents can be text messages, emails, photos and videos, internet connection activities, whatsapp/line/imessage chats, viber calls etc.

Mobile extractions are useful when it comes to outline users’ behaviours and habits and elaborating users’ activities.

Securcube® Phone Log imports reports from UFED, OXYGEN forensic and XRY and correlate  them with the data contained in the CDR.

BTS log files

BTS log files, that is Base Transceiver Station, contains the data collected from the telephone cell towers.

PH displays these data on a map, positioning the user starting from its real position at the time of the facts. From these data, investigators are able to verify alibis, track the way of escape of a suspect and discover his daily itineraries.

Securcube® Phone Log imports BTS Tracker and XRY and correlate  them with the data contained in the CDR.