Who we are

SecurCube srl is the leading Italian digital forensics company specialised in technology for the analysis of phone records (CDR) and cell sites (BTS) real coverage survey at the crime scene.

Since 2010, Engineer Nicola Chemello, internationally certified, digital forensics examiner and consultant to Italian Prosecutors’ offices and Engineer Massimo Bastianon, senior software developer make this business project possible developing trustworthy solutions to assist efficiently law enforcement agencies in digital examinations and trial debates.

SecurCube srl increased together with its forensics experience including even more forensics analysis services in Lab, training and education programs, up to a valuable outcome in terms of skills awareness and professionalism. At SecurCube, innovation means value. Our team is the fair balance between the technology rush and the customers daily committed in examination where, to be on time is vital but the same time, indeed the use of trusted tools.

What does it mean work with us

  • Innovation
  • Awareness of fast-growing technology
  • Team mind cooperation
  • Targeted on real expectations
  • Reliable forensically sound manner outcome

SecurCube solutions application:

Our key customers:

  • Cell tower survey at the crime scene
  • Phone records (CDR) analysis
  • Mobile devices examination
  • Trial demonstration

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