PhoneLog® – The qualified software for the Cell Site Analysis (CSA)


Securcube s.r.l. cooperates closely with Police Forces and Governmental Authorities in Europe and overseas countries, for the daily crime fight and citizens security. Furthermore, we support also the private sector, especially digital experts, investigators, lawyers and consultants committed in the examination of electronic devices contents and related data, providing them advice, training and solutions for the phone records (CDRs) & historic cell site location information (HCSLI), namely CSA and BTS measurements, our key expertise. Our technology looks at users’ needs, focused on the best forensics analysing assets where, regardless, do not forget the usability.

This technology was born to slim down the workload of digital experts daily committed in phone records analysis. The tool parses different data sources at the same time for the in-depth examination of the junctions between the digital evidence what with a standard one-way investigation could remain potentially unexplored. The straightforward system meets every investigators’ technical skill and the results obtained are easy to understand and demonstrate in courtroom.


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