Securcube®PhoneLog, software for the cross-analysis of CDR (Call Detail Record), historical cell site location information (HCSLI), namely Cell Site Analysis (CSA), mobile extraction, GPS tracks… It allows the examination of multiple digital sources at the same time with a solid and, most of all, logical method for the in-depth reconstruction of suspects’ digital alibi and mobile devices behaviour. It reflects investigators’ constant search of up-to-date digital forensics systems, where regardless do not forget the usability.

CDR and digital evidence analysis at your fingertips

The software is compatible with worldwide telephone operators and their changing CDR formats.
It matches with mobile extractions from MSAB XRY, Cellebrite UFED and Oxygen Forensics OXYGEN FORENSIC. Furthermore, it combines these results with wiretap transcripts, GPS tracks, highway traffic logs and other digital evidence.
Finally, it envisages also the examination of the BTS log files (Base Transceiver Station) coverage, from SecurCube®BTS Tracker, forensics hardware module for the cell towers real coverage survey.

Make analysis, get what you need

The software is characterized by an intuitive graphical interface that guides the investigators in the digital forensics challenges. It is ideal for all levels of knowledge. This investigative approach offers intermediate results and a global overview that can inform about a critical issue, preserving the digital analysis from errors. The captions available in the main functions, the buttons and alerts inform about the action in progress.
Besides, the software User Manual always supports the activity with a prompt reply at the right time.

What makes PhoneLog stand out
  • Smart data import
  • Create your own importers
  • Work online and offline (i.e. maps)


  • Combine different evidence sources through a ‘guided’ or ‘advanced’ investigative method
  • Map out of ‘Entities’ (numbers; IMEI; IMSI; subscribers; cell towers) closeness, time, interactions and connections


  • Group of interest to dig into users’ daily routine, statistics to profile mobile behavior
  • Intuitive exports, various formats for the debate


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