Securcube®Phonelog, software for the cross-analysis of CDRs (Call Detail Records), historical cell site location information (HCSLI), namely CSA, mobile extraction contents, GPS tracks and much more, can efficiently reply to every investigative expectations. After the digital evidence gathering, the software helps investigators importing and parsing the data with a streamlined approach that captures the most relevant insight of the growing crime scenario. Securcube®PhoneLog reflects investigators’ constant search of up-to-date digital forensics systems, where regardless do not forget the usability.


What’s new on PhoneLog 4.7:

  • Graphic analytic chronological overview
  • Export in IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook
    • Subscribers
    • Search on records
    • Search results in TimeLine
  • Export movements in .gpx format and .kml format (to display in Google Earth and similar softwares)
  • Habits heatmap activity by hours chart improved
  • 3 different pattern types to draw the cells’ lobes
  • New settings options for SQL connection (encryption, timeout, reconnection, etc.)
  • Added the Log viewer function

‘Search on records’ results visualisation with IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook.
  • For structured investigative organisations is available Securcube®’Cell Service’ that optimises also the search of information between the offices, namely central and local units and Groups.



The software is compatible with worldwide cellular providers (carriers) and CDRs formats. The software supports investigators with a complete range of ‘importers’ to parse correctly the CDRs. Besides, it provides a dedicated area to build up brand-new CDRs importers, if needed. Furthermore it matches with mobile extractions from MSAB XRY, Oxygen Forensics and Cellebrite UFED. PhoneLog can combine the results obtained with GPS tracks (.gpx), highway traffic logs and other data extracted from vehicles. Finally, it also compares the log files with real BTS (Base Transceiver Station) coverage, from Securcube®BTS Tracker.




CDR and digital evidence correlation analysis with Securcube®PhoneLog

  • In-depth search between ‘entities’ (users; subscribers; cells; IMEI/IMSI etc.)
  • Map outlook for the mobile movements (geographical mapping)
  • Check junctions between ‘entities’, with geo locations and time frames
  • Cross-analysis between mobile contents, phone records, cells coverage
  • Suspects’ events statistics and graphs interconnection with counterparts
  • Excellent functions for data visualization (pie charts; heatmaps; bar charts etc.)
  • Clear patterns of communication displayed
  • Multi case analysis among proceedings locally and remotely