What about BTS Tracker

Forensics hardware module that measures the radio environment activity, namely the real cell tower (BTS) coverage at the crime scene.
During this examination it is important to take in mind that the spectrum of the BTS provided by telephone operators is theoretical and the cell towers are affected by variables that can change the coverage. Examining all technologies of every carrier it is possible to envisage a trustworthy digital scenario and potential involvement.

  • 2G/3G/4G technologies of every telephone operator
  • Accurate radio sensitivity (i.e. bands, frequencies)
  • Weak signal identification, unknown entities (i.e. femtocells)
  • Mobile APP control
  • Real time APP survey check
  • Survey in your hand or inside patrol car
  • Understandable results available for everybody, experts or non-technical figures
  • Trusty reconstruction of the module field test with SecurCube®BTS Tracker Desktop SW
  • Compare BTS logs, namely cell sites performance from multiple surveys
  • Validity of the findings in courtroom, certified by HASH code




The crime took place in a suburb area of the town, not equipped with security cameras. No witness noticed the fact.

How can investigators verify suspect’s alibi according to the testimony?

Investigators should start the analysis of the radio environment activity to detect the cell sites that literally cover the area of interest, with the most similar conditions of the day of the crime. According to the survey performed and BTS logs examination, they can focus just on the group of cells with interesting parameters to understand suspect’s mobile movements and potential involvement. Asking for the traffic phone records (CDR) of these cells, investigators can search for some valuable junctions in terms of time, location and mobile events happened under coverage of these cell towers.


Field test examination of the environment activity, with the most similar conditions of the day of the crime, to verify the cell sites that cover and can serve the area of interest. It is important to evaluate possible radio environment variables that can affect the theoretical spectrum of the BTS provided by telephone operators.


Desk analysis of the BTS logs performed at the crime scene survey to highlight the serving cell site and reconstruct the reliable digital scenario, such as the possible suspect’s position or way of escape.


According to the survey performed and the consequent analysis of the BTS logs, it is possible to focus just on the group of cells with interesting parameters. Ask the billing records of only the restricted group of cell sites to correlate the digital evidence with SecurCube® PhoneLog.

Security technology

SecurCube® LTE IMSI catcher detector is the hardware module to highlight and send alerts once some network anomaly occurs, for example a new BTS cell tower that could be IMSI catcher that works with its own cell code. Or, for instance, a changing in signal strength of a well-known BTS cell tower (verifiable if the event has been previously saved in the white list) may be a IMSI Catcher that is working with a cell code that already exists in the area.

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